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Treasury Update/Statements

March Statements have gone out. Here’s what you need to know:

River Raft Charges have not been added yet. River Raft Regatta will be $41 per participant. Deadline to register and pay is 3/27. 

TK Summer Camp Charges have not been added yet. For those who register by 5/15, TK summer camp is $280. You must pay at least $140 before you can begin registering for your merit badge classes. (I think our dates are wk 1:6/17-6/23)

Sea Base: All of  the Sea Base charges have been added to the accounts at this point, so when you have a $0 balance on your account, your Sea Base adventure is paid for. Hooray! The Sea Base Ahbalufa April Campout is $22.00. If you have signed up for that campout, the charges have been added. 

Mileage Reimbursements for Drivers: I’m behind on issuing mileage reimbursements for Jan/Feb campouts and those are not yet on the accounts but hopefully will be by tonight. Sorry about the delay. 

Please contact me by email or see me tonight if you have questions. Thanks! Mrs. Freeman

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