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Update for camp cards

This is Mr. Bresett using Brady’s acct. I have received permission for the boys to sell their camp cards at Tiquana Flats at Oakwood sq off of Congress and old Boynton bch blvd both Saturday and Sunday throughout the month during operating hours as well i have also been approved for the boys to sell at 3 subway locations they are hypoluxo/ federal Military/Malleluca and Jog and lantana Saturday and Sunday as well/ pls just text not call when and where your schedule works to sell so i can notify owner ahead of your arrival.561-329-9092. If anyone has connections with McDonalds ownership or management let me know ASAP. Remember you can get more cards once you have turned in money for the ones you already have. If you take any card and it is damaged you have to purchase it.Finally if you want to turn money in for partial sales of cards, i will take it at meetings.and cards can b returned at the end of the month as long as they are not damaged. Happy selling!

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