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Webelos/Arrow of Light Friday Night Campout Opportunity

The troop has decided to offer a 1 night camping opportunity to some webelos/Arrow of Lights who were eager to camp with us prior to making their troop decision. This night will happen this Friday, February 16th locally at the IBEW property. It will be a low cost camping night, probably $5-$10, but that will be confirmed after the meal plan is decided. The boys who have already committed to camp are: Cameron O. JD, Cole, Clay, and Sebastian. Mr. Putnik, Mr Thomas, Sr. and I plan to attend. If anyone else would like to be added to the roster, please respond to the post or sign up Tuesday night. The TLT will be held in Saturday morning at the same property so its possible to participate in both. 


Mr. Freeman

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  • Nick

    Andrew and Nicholas Boden would like to assist the younger boys with evening activities, however, they both have commitments on Saturday morning. They will need to be picked up by 9pm on Friday. Is that possible to still participate?

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