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Once and Eagle, Always an Eagle

I’d like to take a minute to point out something great we have in Troop 215, which not all troops have the benefit of.

Our active Eagle Scouts!  

You all know Helpful is part of the Scout Law, as is “Help other people” in the Scout Oath.  Through the years we’ve had a large number of our Eagle Scouts return, not just to meetings to visit, but to genuinely help out and care about other people.  During the last hurricane season, many were there to board up the church.  A few volunteer their time to be an extra leader so the troop can go camping.  At past ceremonies at the National Cemetery, they joined the troop.  When there are troop fund raisers or other needs, one is usually present.   In fact, if you look back at many of the times help was needed, at least one of our Eagles is in attendance doing whatever is asked.

Tonight was no different.   There was a pinewood derby for pack 212.  Geoffrey Thomas represented the 215 Eagles by stepping up to help out a ton.

I am very proud of the Eagle Scouts troop 215 has produced, and WILL produce.  How much they have helped out, and how much they will continue to help out.  I hope to see you all join our Eagles some day.

Once an Eagle, Always and Eagle.

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