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River Raft Regatta: Deadline Approaching

River Raft Regatta(April 20-22nd) is almost here. Because we need to finalize raft teams, late registrations will not be accommodated and since we prepay TK in full, there will be no refunds. This means if you want to go on this campout, you must sign up by tomorrow, Tuesday, March 27th and you should be prepared to pay the $50(Scouts and Adults) at sign-up. In order to attend River Raft, you must have your swim test up to date. This is the current list of scouts and adults signed up for this campout.

Current Roster:


Kyle P

Nick R

Ben J



John Robert W




Andy (not participating in the race)

Collin (staff)


Tim K (can tow both ways)

Jason B (acting Scoutmaster, can tow both ways)

John R (needs to leave Saturday PM/can tow Friday)

Beau B

If you need to be added/deleted to this list, please reply to this post, or take care of it on Tuesday or contact Mrs. Unruh and/or Mrs. Freeman by Tuesday night.

-Scribe William Weaver




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  • John Resch

    Is there any information on boat building for the younger boys. I had an informal contact from one of the other parents but have not official contact?

    Thank you

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