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River Raft Regatta Update

Good evening!

I would like to remind everyone:

  1. Please bring me a signed ACTIVITY CONSENT FORM to the crossover tomorrow night. Click the link above to fill it out and print it. I will have some extras on hand tomorrow to sign if you can’t print them at home tonight.
  2. Everyone attending also needs to have a completed HEALTH FORM Parts A and B.

If you are new to the troop and plan on registering last minute, please deliver this to me tomorrow or one of the attending Scoutmasters on Friday night.

Just a reminder, if you do not have a health form or an activity consent on file with the Scoutmasters by departure time Friday night, you will unfortunately not be able to attend the campout.

Here is the current roster (which is changing even as I type – don’t panic if you’re not listed here. You will all be registered by Friday night) :


  • Mr. Boekholder
  • Mr. Bressett
  • Mr. Resch
  • Mr. Kacprowicz

The Last Hurrah Boat:  (Yes, I’m making these names up as I go. I know you all will have MUCH better names and themes!!)

  • Cole F
  • Evan K
  • Jay U
  • Will W

Young Guns Boat:

  • Brady B
  • Ben D
  • Ben J
  • Brendan M
  • Kyle P
  • Nick R

In It to Win It:

  • Andy T

See you all tomorrow night,

Mrs. Unruh

Camping Chair

P.S. Your Campout SPL will communicate any other important details to you in plenty of time; I don’t have those answers.  🙂

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