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River Raft Spectator Info

If anyone wants to go watch the race tomorrow, here is further information on that:

The race is supposed to start at 1pm. The boats race the clock, not each other, so they are started with about 5 minutes in between boats. They are ordered according to the time the boats check in upon arrival at camp tonight, so I cannot give you a specific start time for our Troop’s two boats.  The racing lasts until about 5pm depending on the number of boats that race.

If you’d like to go watch, there is  $7 pp day fee. Please bring cash for that, I wouldn’t expect credit cards to be used,  and they may not have exact change. You can also choose to stay for the BBQ dinner for $15 pp (includes race).

Bring camp chairs, water, hats, and sunscreen and maybe even rain ponchos? (Check the weather forecast.) The trading post is usually open for snacks, too.

If you have any questions that I haven’t answered, you can either read the leader’s guide on the Council website to see if your answer’s there, or you can text me at 561 827-2220 and I’ll scrounge an answer up for you.


Have a great night, everyone!

Mrs. Unruh


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  • Mr. J. Boekholder

    We made it to camp…we now have our very own T215 camp site at TK called Camp High-a Waya meaning camp road… I will let the scouts explain at the next troop meeting. Thanks to Ms Cheryl for a late night snack. Big day tomorrow wish us luck and top speed!!! Anchors away!!!

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