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Music Merit Badge Workshop info

For those that didn’t get an email – here is the info: (if you send me an email, I can forward you the original email which includes a map –

Dear Scouts,
Attached is a schedule for Friday’s Music Merit Badge Workshop along with a map and directions on how to find our location.  If you find you are unable to attend, contact me immediately as the workshop has a waiting list.  Reminders for Friday’s event are:
1.  BE ON TIME.  Arrive at 4:30 p.m. 
2.  Dress in Class “A”
3.  Bring with you a signed blue card, Music/Budgling Badge Pamphlet, copy of Music/Bugling worksheets, a pen or pencil and a notepad.
4.  Parents / Adults will be dropping you off.  We are unable to accomodate extra guests.
5.  Parents / Adults will return between 8:15-8:30 p.m. to enjoy your live performance 🙂
6.  F.A.U. will be treating you to dinner. We are not providing for special dietary restrictions/allergies.  If you have them eat before you arrive.
I am so looking forward to our evening together!
Mrs. Jenny Blickle
Osceola District Advancement Chair

1)     Enter FAU through the Broward Ave. main gate (off of Glades Road)

2)     Take first right at Indian River Street

3)     Take left at Palm Beach Avenue (2nd stop sign)

4)     Drive to top of amphitheater, and drop off for check-in.

5)     Alternate route: enter from 20th Street, follow East University Drive to Arts Avenue, which leads to the University Theatre.


Music Merit Badge Workshop
Sponsored by Florida Atlantic University Bands and
Mu Beta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi

4:30 Registration and informational meeting. Hand out schedules and building maps. You will be assigned to a group, mixing Troops as much as is possible. Each group will be approximately 8 scouts.
4:45 Scouts work through each of the following groups, which are approximately 40 minutes long, with 5 minutes to transition to the next group. Each block will be administered by 2-3 FAU musicians and supervising Professors.
Group 1(req. 1) Room AL 260 – Sing or play a simple song, using correct technique, rhythm and phrasing. Read all of the signs of a score. 

Group 2 (req. 2) Room AL 248 – Name the 5 groups of instruments. Describe through illustration the way that tones are produced on a musical instrument.

 Group 3 (req. 3.d) Room AL 247 – List 5 People who have been influential in American Music. Described in written form how these musicians remain influential.

Group 4 (req. 4.b) Room AL 240  – Compose a 12- to 16-measure tune, using correct musical notation. Play this piece on a musical instrument. Proceed to the next group in order. Group 4 move to Group 1

5:30 End of first block. DINNER BREAK
6:00 Begin second block.
6:45 Begin third Block
7:30 Begin fourth Block
8:15 All Scouts: Attend a Live Performance in AL 219
(Requirement 3.a)
8:45 Blue Card sign-out. Event Ends
* Please bring your instrument, notepad and pencil. Vocalists may use a piano for group 4 projects.

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