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Financial Statements

I have just sent updated statements. I will be at the meeting tonight and available to take payments. Summer Camp T-shirts are not included on the statements yet. I also haven’t added anything related to Evan’s Eagle Project Campout. I have added June dues and most of the TK course fees but I haven’t tripled checked them to ensure that I got them all, so I may need to make additions later if I missed something.  T-shirt prices were $8.50 through XL, and $10.50 for XXL and up. I will try to have t-shirt data input before the meeting. We expect t-shirts to be available for delivery tonight.  I need to get preferred email addresses for our new families, so if you didn’t receive a statement today, please touch base with me tonight at the Court of Honor to provide me with the email address(es) that we should use for statements.  I would love to get as many TK/TK shirt related payments tonight as possible so that everyone is clear prior to the TK Summer Camp- Thank you!  Mrs. Freeman

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