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TK Summer Camp Information

Hi TK Campers,

I talked with Ms. Trina after the COH and here is some information she wanted to make sure everyone had.

-Departure will be from Grace at Noon on Sunday.

-Arrival back from camp is on Saturday at approximately at 11:00AM.

-If you ordered T-shirts and did not get them tonight, Mr. Boden will have them on Sunday. A big thank you to the Boden’s for taking care of the T-shirt order!

-Make sure you have turned in your Health Form with sections A,B and C (requires Dr’s signature) filled out.  Thank you to Lynn and Victoria for taking care of the Health From coordination.

-Lastly, thank you to Ms. Trina, David Wysong and Jimmy Leach for giving up their week to make sure our scouts have a blast!! 

Please let me know if you have any questions.







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