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Day 3 TKSC

Day 3 and your sons are nearing the top of the hill on their journey at TK this summer! This photo is an “old schooled” shot from last year. My… they have grown! Yup, there are always a few growing  pains, but they are growing; mentally, physically and spiritually.  A revered scoutmaster named E. Urner Goodman is known for saying that “Scouting is a thing of the spirit”, I whole heartedly agree with this thought! Summer camp is so much more than earning merit badges and learning scout skills. It is the place for overcoming adversity , learning to,” feel the fear and do it anyway”, “doing the right thing “and “it’s ok to fail”. Where gaining self reliance is the result of unselfishly helping their fellows. Truly, spirit, is the fuel for all these accomplishments.  Thank you for sending your scouts to camp here at TK! It is my honor to be here with them.

Good night and Godspeed!


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