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Tuesday Sea Base Update

Hello, this is the Troop 215, 395 and Drew Sea Base Trip Historian, Clay F.. Now, I have a lot to report, as I haven’t reported the past three days.
Time: 5:35 PM,
Day: Tuesday, July 24
Location: Deck of the Jolly II Rover.

On Sunday we begin our somewhat uneventful trip down to Sea Base itself, stopping at a convenience store on the way for a bathroom break, and at a restaurant for lunch, which was excellent. We arrived at Sea Base in the afternoon, got shown around the camp, and even tested the provided snorkeling gear and our snorkeling ability. Dinner (various Asian foods) was good, but not the greatest I’ve had. From then on until we went to bed, we hung around at our dormitory, and went to bed.

Waking up the next day to a thunderstorm, we looked out, to see that it was still nighttime. We went back to sleep. After breakfast (nothing special, cereal and some eggs and fruit), we started to load the provided vans with gear and food. Jay, our quartermaster, had us check all of the bins to see if we had all the food provided. We did, and then we set off on the uneventful drive to the dock, where our ship, the Jolly II Rover, awaited. We unloaded all of our gear, and loaded it into the ship. We set off with fine winds, and stopped at one place to swing off the onboard rope swing and swim. Lunch was cold cuts, and dinner was pasta. Both were excellent. We went off to bed soon after, but those sleeping on the deck were in for a nasty thunderstorm surprise.

The next morning, we got out of our bunks to a good pancake breakfast. Afterward, we went on an uneventful drive on the boat, only to head back due to bad snorkeling conditions and massive swells. When we got back, we had a magnificent lunch of: Hot dogs. We went swinging on the rope swing some more, and did some snorkeling. We then sailed over to a sunken ship, which we snorkeled at. We now await a burrito dinner, which I’m sure will be excellent. Also, we have a surprise planned for a certain Collin for his birthday, and I’m looking forward to that.

Signing out (for now),
Clay F.



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