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Weekend Help with the Garage Sale

Good Evening 215,

Just a few things. If you have a social media account, please post the attached flyer for our garage sale. We would like to get as much traffic as possible. Here are some times for helping at the sale:

·        4 to 6PM Tomorrow (Friday) – We will meet at Grace to unload the storage unit. We will use our vehicles to shuttle garage sales items. Please help if you can.

·        7AM Saturday – We would like help in the morning so we can open at 8AM

·        11AM Saturday – We could use help to clean up the garage sale items and to put items back into storage.

Remember, the profits from the garage sale will help with the summer camp travel fund. This will help all the scouts. It would be appreciated if everyone could help for a few hours.

Garage Sale Flyer 09.29.18 (Click here to download PDF)



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