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Memorial Day Service

I am copying this message from the Albaniki Chapter Chief about the Memorial Day Service. Although this message is specifically to OA members, Mr. Leikala has extended the invitation to all the members of our troop. See you there!

The Order of the Arrow has been asked to assist with Memorial Day Services on Monday, May 28th at the VA Cemetery in Lake Worth, on 441 just south of Hypoluxo (6501 State Route 7 Lake Worth).

As a service unit, we will be allowed to park on the property, just say your are working with Mr. Anthony Costa and the guard will allow you in. We should plan on arriving about 9:00 am. Responsibilities will include helping to pass out of water to the attendees and assist with the breakdown of chairs, tents and equipment after the hour long ceremony. While Abaniki chapter is organizing this event, it is open to all OA members. (Please wear Class A uniform and sash). Please let me know if you can attend this important event.

Mr. Jones, Chapter Chief

2 comments to Memorial Day Service

  • Mr. Awesome

    This is extended to the troop as well, even if you are not yet a member of the OA you are welcome to come out and help, but please be in FULL Class A uniform!

  • Mrs. P. Schlosser

    I see we should be there at 9am, but can you tell me what time the service starts and when it’s expected to end? We would like to attend but have plans that day and would try to do both. Thank you.

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