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This week is lashings bring your rope,

Thanks to those who helped with scouting for food, we collected 419.5 pounds of food, and had 20 volunteers who helped.

November 17-SAW day trip- for those who have not registered it is $58 at the event. Lunch is provided, but bring money if you want to get some snacks at the trading post.

December 7-9-Webelos/AOL Campout @ Oklawaha, price = $22. We will still want more scouts on this, especially those at or above First Class.

January 4-6-Busch Gardens/Tampa campout. Est. price-$85, + carry money for lunch and dinner in the park, possible morning departure Jan 4.

February 15-17-Cracker Trail. Price: $47. This is the Early Bird rate, but we need scouts to sign up as soon as possible to obtain this rate.


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