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SAW Tomorrow!!

Hi everyone,

Scouting Advancement Weekend is HERE!

Class 1 begins at 9am, but you’ll need to weed through the arriving TK traffic (plan on 20 minutes), check in, find your classroom locations, get your wristbands and shirts, and head to class  (possibly at a campsite on the other side of camp). Try to arrive at check in with Mr Freeman or Mr Weaver at about 8/815am. They be near the check in pavilion in the parking lot.

Pick up will be at 6pm.

Look at the troop website to find names of others going if you’d like to carpool (a good idea always).

Make sure you bring your signed prerequisite sheet(s) with you. If you don’t have one or you forget it, it just means you’ll have an incomplete MB until you can either find the sheet or compete the prerequisites and show to a counselor.

You might want to bring money for Rita’s Italian Ice, the Trading Post, or the OA Grill.

IF YOU MUST CANCEL at the last minute because of some unforeseen event or illness, please text Mr Freeman at 561 685-7671 so that the adults are no longer waiting for you to check in.

Please remember to represent Troop 215 with the utmost consideration. You can practice the scout law everywhere you go by asking yourself, “Can I be helpful right now? Can I be kind here? Am I being cheerful, even though this is hard?” SAW is definitely a place where everyone could use a lot of encouragement and cheer; everyone there is working hard.



Mrs Unruh

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