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Atomic Dragons name change?(possibly)

Dear members of the Atomic Dragons,

Recently members of our patrol have wanted to change the name to The Beluga Patrol. Please say yes or no through comment and know that this may not happen.

PS. It also means that there will have to be purchases of new patrol patches (at least 15) and a new patrol flag.

2 comments to Atomic Dragons name change?(possibly)

  • Avatar photo Benjamin J.

    I personally say NO for multiple reasons including cost and the fact that is unnecessary to change the patrol name for a joke.

  • Sebastian S.

    I also say NO, because I really like our patrol name and our patch and our emblem. I don’t think we should spend money on the new materials. I actually really don’t like the word or the joke behind “Beluga” Patrol. I don’t think it’s very nice.

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