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Important Announcement regarding the Campout this week

Hello everyone! Happy new year!

There is no meeting tonight, so you can spend time with your family.

Now, for the main thing. We accidentally forgot to meal plan for the Busch Gardens campout. However, we don’t have much to do in terms of that, as we don’t need to plan Saturday lunch and dinner, as we will get them in the park (warning! The troop is not responsible for paying for those meals). Cole and I have put together a meal plan, since we neglected to meet about it before. We’re meeting at 9:30 AM at Grace on Friday, and planned departure is at 10 AM. Eat breakfast before then, and bring lunch to eat on our way there. When we arrive, we will set up and explore the campsite. Make sure to bring heat resistant cups, as we will have some hot coco when night falls. Our campsite is at Hillsborough River State Park, they have lots of trails and a suspended bridge for us to explore. Please bring your activity consent form. Remember to look at the packing sheet, and remember to BRING YOUR WATER BOTTLE (in-park water bottles are not cheap), carry money, a minimum of $25 for lunch and dinner (in-park food is not cheap either), and, to preserve your enjoyment, remember to bring and put on sunscreen. I hope to see you at grace!

Clay F.

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