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1/8/19 Meeting Announcements

Hello 215, Scribe here with your weekly announcements!

Firstly, Fri., Jan. 18 at 6:30 pm at Grace is the next PLC.

Secondly, February 5 are elections.  Make sure to tell Mr. Paul or email him at: (make sure to include another adult even if it is your parents who you are including) if you are interested in a leadership position.

Last but not least, Feb 15-17 is the Cracker trail at Tanah Keeta We only have 8 scouts registered at this moment, and we need A LOT more.  We need to know our number of people before we set up patrols and start building the wagons. We planning on closing our signups on January 22.  Also, our wagons MUST be FINISHED by February 12.

Brennan S.

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