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Sea Base 2020 Poll

Hello everyone!

At the PLC, we discussed a possible Sea Base trip for 2020. Listed are a few adventures that I’d like you to all vote on, if you would like to go to Sea Base. Please only vote if you intend on going. We want to make sure we get an accurate portrayal of who wants to go and where they want to go. Information on these adventures will be at

Please look at them before you vote. I would highly recommend responding quickly, as we need to determine interest.


• Participants must be 13 years of age prior to their arrival at Sea Base. Participants who would turn 13 during their adventure are not eligible to participate. AGE REQUIREMENTS CANNOT BE RELAXED.

• Every Sea Base participant, youth and adult, must complete the BSA Swim Test as a swimmer.

• Participants must be in good health and provide a current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (no other form is acceptable).

• Every participant must meet BSA height and weight guidelines. Exceptions may be made for individuals who are not more than 20 pounds over the weight limit. To receive an exception, the participant must provide a letter from their physician stating that they are in good health and approved for participation. Sea Base may choose to refer the individual’s medical record and physician’s note to the Sea Base medical director. Final decision for participation rests solely with the Sea Base medical director. Due to rescue equipment restrictions and evacuation efforts from remote sites, under no circumstances will any individual exceeding 295 pounds be permitted to participate. Anyone arriving at Sea Base exceeding 295 pounds will be sent home at their own expense. No refund will be given.

Please vote for the Sea Base Adventure you would like to participate in. Only vote if you are interested in attending. Select your top 2 adventures.

Total Voters: 5

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Clay Freeman

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