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New Patrols

Hi Troop 215,

Please see the future Patrols alignments below. The current patrols will be in effect until after the March Court of Honor. Patrol Leader elections tomorrow will be done in the new Patrol alignment. Please trust that the ASMs and myself have put a lot of thought into these alignments. The goal of patrols is not to necessarily line everyone up with their best friends, but to provide opportunities for learning and leading. The scouts will always have plenty of time with their friends outside of their patrol time on Troop nights and campouts. 



SPF (Scoutmaster Paul Freeman), endorser of sunscreen


Patrol 1 Patrol 2
Ben J. Nick Bod.
Kyle P. Michael M.
Justin R. Richard E.
Eric A. Brennan S.
Drew B. Nick R.
Collin U. Adrian F.
Raj H. Clay F.
Dylan L. JD
Josiah C. Hunter R.
Sebastian S. John Robert
Dylan R. Logan
Aging Out Aging Out
Cole F. Nick Boek.
Will W. Jay U.
Eric P. Shane W.

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