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New Kitchen Cabinet

Hello Troop 215. As of the next court of honor, our new troop positions will be passed on to the following people:

  • SPL – Hunter
  • ASPL – Brennan
  • PL (Llamas) – JD
  • PL (Unnamed Patrol) – Kyle
  • APL (Unnamed Patrol) – Drew
  • Librarian – Nick R.
  • Historian – Nick B.
  • Chaplain’s Aide – Eric A.


  • APL (Llamas)
  • Quartermaster
  • Troop Guide
  • Scribe

If you are interested in being the Quartermaster, Troop Guide, or Scribe, please let me know via text, email, comment, or in person.

Thank You.


Hunter R., ASPL

Phone: 561-699-6955


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