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Cracker Trail SUCCESS!

Hello 215, your most dutiful scribe here reporting about this weekend’s campout!

First, in the morning of Saturday 2/16/19 Hunter and I woke up everyone including Clay, but not including the adults. Then we started to cook, but the stoves didn’t work (we should have checked them before we left) so we had no stove to cook on. Oh wait … that’s right—Mr. Audette came to our rescue with his mini portable but SUPER powerful one burner stove! So we were able to make our breakfast sandwiches which were pretty decent. Then we loaded up the ROLLING CHUNGUS wagon and set off.  After morning fun at Avon Park (the parade field), we did the normal Tanah Keeta shindig and set off!

We did 7 stations then made lunch. Thankfully Mr. Audette let us borrow his single burner stove again. So, we heated up the taco meat and made those nice, tasty and delicious walking tacos. Then we did the rest of our stations, and ran into to OLD MAN WYSONG. Then we went back to the campsite to unload the ROLLING CHUNGUS for the race. We were one of the top fastest wagons!   Dinner, dinner was good. Beef stew and cornbread or garlic toast. Now time for the juicy AWARDS—everyone’s favorite part of TK major weekend campouts. We got an astonishing 6 awards plus we also got 3rd place over all! We did the J.C. Penny skit for TK. Now here we are at the campsite. I have to sign off for now.  See you folks later, and thanks for reading.


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