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Future Historian – We Want You! (edit: scribe found)

Hello Troop 215, we are still looking for a scout to take the position of Historian. 

If you are interested in being the Historian or have any questions, please let me know via text, email, comment, or in person.

If we don’t remember your position, refer to this list:

  • SPL – Hunter
  • ASPL – Brennan
  • PL (Llamas) – JD
  • APL (Llamas) – Nick B.
  • PL (Unnamed Patrol) – Kyle
  • APL (Unnamed Patrol) – Drew
  • Librarian – Nick R.
  • Quartermaster – Sebastian
  • Troop Guide – John W
  • Chaplain’s Aid – Eric A.
  • Scribe – Ben

Also, if you are a member of the unnamed patrol and wish for your name idea to be considered, write it down, and bring it to your patrol leader (preferably before the COH.)

Thank you.


Hunter R., ASPL

Phone: 561-699-6955


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