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Scouting on your resume

A recent post on Bryan on Scouting asked, “When do you remove ‘Eagle Scout’ from your resume”.   The answer is NEVER!  Of all the things that will come and go from your resume, there will be nothing more universally applicable for any job and make you a better candidate than “Eagle Scout”.  Having only the last 10 years on a resume is common advice, but remember, “Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle”.  I still have it proudly listed on my resume and hope all of you stay strong with the program and add it as well.   For the over 50 Eagles of Troop 215, each of you had better have Eagle Scout listed on your resumes!  Don’t wait until you are 17 and a half to get your merit badges and ranks completed.   Resumes are also needed for scholarships and college applications.   The same benefits apply to those as well.  Aim for Eagle by 16 and you can have “Eagle Scout” listed on every resume you ever write!

As for the parents who may not have (or could not have) achieved Eagle as a youth.  If you attended Wood Badge or are an adult leader, listing these on a resume are also useful.  It greatly proves your dedication and commitment to making society better.  If anyone in the hiring process were scouts or have kids in scouting, they will instantly respect what you do giving you an edge.

Please read the linked article.  Also read the comments after the article.

When do you remove ‘Eagle Scout’ from your resume? Hint: It’s a trick question

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