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Updated Campout Roster/Please Verify/Grubmaster Numbers!

The final IBEW roster for the weekend is as follows. Lots of  moving pieces so please make sure that I have your information correct.

Camping 2 nights:

Scouts: Eric A, Hunter, Michael M, Dylan R, Richard, Dylan L, Logan R

Adults: Mr. Freeman, Mr. Audette  (Mr. Rossi filling in for Mr. Audette late afternoon/early evening Saturday) 

Camping Saturday Night only/Late Saturday afternoon arrival:

Sebastian, Kekoa

Saturday Merit Badge/CSI Adventure only:

Cole, Justin, Nick B, Drew

For Grubmaster :

$120 Budget  

Cracker Barrel Friday and Sat AM Breakfast:9 people

Saturday dinner, Cracker Barrel and Sunday Breakfast: 11 people 

*Saturday lunch food will be handled by Scoutmasters at CSI/Merit Badge event not included in grubmaster budget (13 people), but drinks will need to be included in the grubmaster shopping.






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