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Last minute FGL reminders / weather status / food to bring!

HI!!!  In less than 24 hrs, we’ll be on the road to GA!  Some quick reminders:

— Meet tomorrow morning at Grace at 8:30 am.  We’re picking up the van at 9 am on Lantana Rd.  Will load up & head out.  Apx’ly 9 hr trip, so have books to read/games to play, etc.

Weather prediction is for RAIN & thunderstorms thru Wed.  Bring a poncho or rain suit, extra socks, an extra pair of shoes, multiple plastic bags for wet stuff, a clothes line rope to hang wet stuff & a GOOD ATTITUDE!  Good news is that it will make things cooler.  Highs are predicted in the 80’s & lows in the 60’s (good sleeping weather we hope!).  Don’t forget FANS & BUG SPRAY!  I spoke with the Director today, and she said the weather forecasts are often wrong & to be prepared for lots of weather changes.

—  FOOD — each Scout needs to bring lunch for Saturday, a full water bottle, and an extra drink for the trip up to GA.  We’ll get pizzas once there for Sat night dinner, and go to the Walmart on the way in to buy food supplies for Sun bkf & Sun lunch (they start feeding us Sun evening).

Leader Info:  Mike Rossi (Summer Camp Scoutmaster) — 561-251-4462,; JF Audette (ASM) — 561-306-5211,; Cheryl Baylor (Ramich) — 954-610-8343,  We’ll be locking up the boys’ phones, so they won’t be calling you, but we will post pics every night & contact you if ANYTHING occurs that you need to know about.  I (Cheryl) will be taking care of the meds, so if you have any questions about that, please contact me.

— Camp FGL address / contact info:  Camp Program Specialist is Scarlet Guzman, and she’s been VERY responsive & helpful.  Her email is, 706-327-2634.  Camp address is 2818 Antioch Rd., LaGrange, GA 30240.  Chattahoohee Council.  We are in Campsite #3.  

— Camp Emergency # is The emergency number to camp is: 706-812-1598

— To send mail or packages to your Scouts:  

                   Scouts Name, Troop Number
                   C/O BSA Camp FGL
                   2818 Antioch Road
                   LaGrange, GA 30240

— If a parent would like to write an email to their son please send the email to Each email will be printed out and given to the Scouts’ leader. Please do not include files or attachments. Scouts will not be able to respond to emails at camp.

— Don’t forget swim goggles & bike helmets if taking Cycling!  

— Bring ideas for skits/songs/stunts.

It’s going to be a great week!  We will post pics here each day so you can see how the boys are doing & how much fun they’re having.  :-))

Cheryl Baylor (Ramich)



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