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Troop 215 Families

Good evening from Camp FGL! Our boys have been living the SCOUT life full throttle this week! Camping, Sailing, Kayaking, Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Game Design, Astronomy, Mammal Study… and now they have begun to complete those MBs! Eagle required MBs and Rank requirements… left and right.

It has not been without incident or injury but these boys overcome them and flourish. I am Amazed and Proud of each of them.

FGL got a 9 out of 10 from Eric, a ‘good’ out of 10 from Hunter, “Jahrocco” says “…” because he is Sebastian’s pet rock. Kyle had a 0:00 wait time in the ER. Loconsole says 4 out of 5 stars- because of all the HILLS! Justin Yelped his way across the the Chattahoochee. Logan rates 5 out of 5 clay pigeons. If FGL were an animal Dylan Rose says it’s a Bear. Ben says the storytelling is excellent. Nick gives it 3 paddles up and Richard “Likes” the fantastic Counselors!

JF has been averaging 25,000 steps a day and Cheryl about the same number of photos!


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