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SCOUTS wanting to go to AquAcademy

If you want to attend AquAcademy, AND you have signed up AND paid… I need you to go to the “AquAcademy Sign Up” post on our troop website and list your merit badge choices ASAP. They are filling up. You’ll know you’re on the right post if you see the other scouts’ mb choices with my confirmations. Please do this right away.


Thank you,

Mrs. Unruh

3 comments to SCOUTS wanting to go to AquAcademy

  • Hunter R.

    Is there a list of prerequisites somewhere for all the merit badges being offered?

  • Mrs. K. Unruh

    I will individually post all the pre-reqs on each scout’s MB request on the other link.

    EVEN IF there are no pre-reqs (like communication or the citizenship MBs), everyone should still use DUE DILIGENCE.

    1) Buy or borrow the current MB Book
    2) Print the worksheet, and
    3) Think through the requirements.

    There are some MB counselors that are not as prepared as others, unfortunately. If it looks like a requirement might be very difficult or impossible to complete on site, do it in ADVANCE!! (Like attending a community meeting or watching a public debate).

    Thank you for asking, Hunter. If this could be clearly communicated more than once to the troop, I’m sure it would help the MB success rate! We have experienced no pre-req listings before and then regretted not thinking through the obviously difficult requirements in advance.

    I am also hoping that those scouts who end up without an available MB on Sat afternoon can still complete a needed MB while there with the assistance of our amazing T215 Scoutmasters.

    Mrs. Unruh

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