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Summer Camp Packing List

Troop 215

What to pack for Summer Camp


Hi guys!  Well it’s almost here, Summer Camp! Yeah!

Here is a list and some suggestion for packing to make your stay at camp fun, successful and comfortable! 


Gear list:


  1. Plastic gear box- available at Wal-Mart automotive section for about $18.00. Keeps all your stuff together and dry in your adirondack.
  2. Lock for your trunk. Combination locks are great!
  3. Lightweight cord or rope to fashion clothesline.
  4. Small backpack or roomy hydration pack.
  5. Water bottle(s) – if you don’t want to use a hydration pack.
  6. Lightweight sleeping bag or sheets\blanket and pillow. You will be sleeping on a cot/bunk.
  7. Small battery operated fan with extra batteries. Wal-Mart has one for approximately $6.00 that only uses 2 “D” batteries.
  8. 2 to 3 towels for showering and water activities.
  9. Toiletries- DEODERANT! GOLD BOND POWDER!  Everyone will shower everyday! Toothpaste and toothbrush. Shower gel or soap. Comb, Brush etc. It’s good to put these in a small bag to carry with you to and from shower house.

     10. Personal First Aid Kit.

     11. Sunscreen and bug repellant.  Non- aerosol pump or tube!

    12. Class “B” shirts, and other scouting appropriate shirts, shorts, socks and underwear (extras are always a good idea).    scout Belt.

   13. Light weight jacket or windbreaker

14. Rain gear or poncho. The disposable ponchos are great to tuck into your backpack or hydration back.

15.  Laundry bag or large mesh bag for dirties.

16.  2 pairs of shoes that you don’t mind throwing out after camp or that can be cleaned.  1st year campers will probably take a hike and it’s good to have extra shoes just in case.

17. Crocs or water shoes. Closed toe only!

18. Hat, sunglasses.

19.  Small pocket knife or multi tool. Must have Toten Chip with you!

20. Merit badge books. Check with our troop librarian first, before you buy. Books can be purchased at the Council Store or at Old Indian Trading Post. The Troop encourages boys to sell their MB books to the troop library after they are finished with them. The troop will credit their escrow account $2.00 per book!

21. Pencil, pen, spiral notebook. Some Merit Badges will have homework.

22.  Flashlight and or Headlamp with extra batteries.

23. OA sash if you are in the OA.

24. Disposable or Digital Camera  (optional). Troop Historian and the adults going usually produce a picture CD for all the attendees of the trip so you can share your memories with your friends and family. Remember, it must be an actual camera, not a camera phone/ipod/ipad/etc.

25. Cards, board games, musical instruments are fun!

26. Wrist watch. Don’t be late to Merit Badge class!

27. Spending money for trading post.  Most kids spend on average $5.00 dollars a day at the trading post. Pack a lunch to eat on the way up to camp. Meals are covered after that.

28.  Bathing suit, 2 if you are taking swimming or waterfront MB’s


High Adventure guys: Pack a set of heavy pants and long sleeve shirt, old tennis shoes for caving. You will get extremely muddy and the clothes will not be salvageable after. Fun Huh?

High adventure attendees should also bring a backpack to go with them when they leave camp for the Ranger program.


Extra info for some Merit Badges:


1st Year Campers


Swimming MB- You will need to bring a lightweight pair of pants, long sleeve shirt, belt and shoes that can get wet.  You will be making improvised flotation devices.


Camping Merit Badge- your backpack and gear you would take on a back packing trip. Don’t worry about food or stove.  It’s just to demonstrate that you know what to take for backpacking.

FishingMB-fishing gear.


If you have any questions about requirements for the Merit Badges you are taking, Merit has the most up to date information. The Camp Old Indian’s Leader Guide has all the pre-requisite info. Blue Ridge has the link to the Leader’s Guide.



Things not to bring!!!!


No fire making materials!

No Aerosol anything!



It is a long ride to Camp.  You may bring electronic entertainment in the car to occupy yourself i.e. mp3, I-pod, hand held games etc. as long as you are courteous in your use of them.  The driver of the vehicle has veto power over their use. When we arrive at camp all electronics will stay in the vehicle you rode in! If it becomes known that you have them, they will be confiscated for the duration or the trip and given back to your parent! You will survive without them!  You will be so busy having fun you probably won’t even miss them! 

CELL PHONES WILL NOT BE NECESSARY IN CAMP!  LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR.  THE ADULTS WILL HAVE PHONES ON THEM IF THERE IS A NEED TO CONTACT HOME!  You will miss your family and your family will miss you, but you will see them soon and will have so many cool things to share with them when you get home!  If you have a problem or just need to talk, your tent buddy, or any of the adults will be glad to help you! A journal to write your thoughts and adventures in is a good idea also! 


Packing your gear:


LABEL EVERYTHING WTH YOUR NAME! I MEAN EVERYTHING! Stuff that is carried around camp should have Troop 215 on it so the camp can identify it if it gets left at a program area.


The best way to pack your clothes is to put a set of clothes in a gallon size Ziploc bag and label it for each day of the week. This makes compressing the clothes easier and is easy to find when going to the shower.  You can wear shorts for 2 to three days. Clean underwear, socks, and t-shirt every day are a must!

We all wear full class “A” to dinner every night, so bring a hanger to keep it neat in your tent. We will be washing Class “A” uniforms on Thursday so we all smell better!

Roll your towels, sheets or sleeping bag. Compress your pillow or bring a camp pillow. Tuck things inside each other. Every thing should fit in your trunk.  You can bring your small back pack\ hydration pack with you in the car with entertainment in it.  Remember at camp the electronics stay in the vans!


Mr. Leikala will be sending updates electronically every day to share fun and pictures with those back home inFlorida.

So, happy packing!


Thank you,

Camp Old Indian trip leaders

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