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Scoutmaster Mystery Campout information

Mystery Seekers,
Here is a little information that may help you as we go on our mystery tour. Temperatures will be a high of 80 with a low of 58. There is no rain in the forecast, but always be prepared. A some point you will need some good walking shoes, but have a spare pair in case you step in mystery goo. Check the Troop packing list to double check on what to bring. Since we have some new scouts, please let me know if any of you have food sensitivities or allergies.

Meet at Grace at 5:00 with a departure at 5:30

Estimated arrival back at Grace around 12:30PM. We will send a text out with updates. I you are not signed up for Text Messaging, please sign up on the website. Click on the GET TEXT ALERTS button to sign up.

Bring your great attitude and flexibility. The Scouts will be allowed electronics (cellphones and game devices) on the drive, but we will have them stored for the campout. Please contact one of the leaders if you need to reach your scout. Medicines will be collected by leaders and distributed at the prescribed time.

This is going to be a great weekend! I am excited and I look forward to revealing the mystery all weekend.

Some of this week-ends leaders include:
Paul Freeman (Scoutmaster) – 561-685-7671
JF Audette (Committee Chair) – 561-306-5211
Michael Rossi (Future Scoutmaster) – 561-251-4462
Cheryl Baylor (Treasure/Assistant Scoutmaster) – 954-610-8343

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