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Scouting for food/ hike

Hello 215,

We will be dropping off more bags for scouting for food at   5pm tomorrow night. Meeting at Ms.Cheryls house like last Saturday.

The pickup for scouting for food. Is This Saturday at 9am at Ms.Cheryl estimated to be from 1-2 hrs. We need as many people as we can to help.

The HIKE- You MUST GO TO SCOUTING FOR FOOD if you would like to go on the hike. The group will be picked up from scouting for food by Mr.Thomas. The hike is estimated to be about 4 hrs again. The hike will be at winding waters park at Okeechobee and Haverhill. Remember to bring 64 oz of water, personal first aid kit, and day pack with pencil, pen, and merit badge work book in it.




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