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SAW Pre-Reqs

See list below for SAW 11/16/2019 Merit Badge Pre-requisites and class preperation information:

#Aviation & Weather – Offsite

This class will take place at the Lantana Airport, Class A uniforms required.

Transportation will be provided from TK, if needed.

Arrival to the Airport will be 8am.

  • Read both Merit Badge Books
  • Scouts will be emailed a knowledge pre-test before the event. Answers in the books.
  • Scouts will complete 2 Merit Badges.
  • Permission slip must be printed & signed, bring to the airport.




  • Print and be familiar with the backpack worksheet
  • Bring a fully loaded pack with as much of the required equipment from the merit badge book as possible
  • Scouts to bring a folding chair and water bottles
  • Scouts to do 9a, 9c, 9d, 11a before SAW
#Camping Age 13 or older…. #4a, 4b, 5e,7b, 8d, 9a,9b 1-6, 9c – compass or compass app on your phone

Canoeing, Motorboating,              

   and Small Boat Sailing,



Must take a swim test. Tests will conducted first thing Saturday morning.

·         Please provide a CPR card if scout had training

·         BSA Medical form

·         Sunglasses, hat, water bottle, wide brim hat Sun/bug lotion, swim trunks, towel, closed water shoes



#Citizenship in the Community #2a (bring map), 3a, 5, 7
#Citizenship in the Nation #2 (choose 2), 3, 6, 8
#Citizenship in the World #3, 4, 6(understand terms), 7
Climbing Need permission slip signed, Read & bring MB book, must be age 13.
 #Communication #2, 8
#Crime Prevention #4b – Bring to SAW
#Electricity # 2, 8, 9a
Electronics $10 fee for kit
#Emergency Preparedness # 1, Begin or complete 8 and 9.  Bring note pad and pencil/pen.
#Environmental Science #1, 2, 3b#2, 3e, 6(all)
Exploration Bring a hat, sunscreen, water bottle – you will be hiking.
#Family Life  #3, 4 & 5 (must show proof, i.e pictures, etc.). 6b cannot be done in class and needs to be completed after the class discussion so they cannot get a 100% completion, contact MBC when you’re done.
#First Aid Complete all first aid pre-reqs up to 1st class, bring your first aid kit, workbook And or handbook
Golf Collared shirt , tucked in, Bermuda length shorts or pants, Golf Clubs if you have them.
Leatherwork $10 fee for kit
##Lifesaving First Class with Parts 6a, 6b and 6c completed or Life Scout. Do a continuous 400 yard swim test (16 lengths of the pool at Tanah Keeta, of which 50 yards are continuous front crawl, 50 yards breast stroke, 50 yards are side stroke, and 50 yards elementary back stroke. *This will be the first thing the MB counselor will go over. Scouts that cannot pass the 400 yd swim will be asked to sign up for another MB.
#Medicine Read the MB book; bring notebook and pen/pencil; req #1A (may use a “merit badge workbook” to record notes for discussion); req #7A (bring date of last visit to physician’s office & current BSA health form); req #10 (bring documentation of volunteer service in order to complete this MB at SAW)
#Metalwork # 4, Safety goggles. Long pants & a cotton shirt
#Personal Management 2a, 2b #1 & 2. If 13 week Log is not completed beforehand & brought to class, Scout will receive a partial and the MBC’s contact information for after completion.
Personal Fitness Must bring the dates of last physical and dental exams. Bring a water bottle, sunscreen & a pen.
Photography Must have a digital camera
Pioneering Knowledge of class required knots & lashings is beneficial. Practice #2a and #2b.
Salesmanship #5 – Cost sheet of unit sales or experience of sales.
#Search & Rescue #10
Signs, Signals & Codes Bring MB Book, Braille Supplement (If not already included), Topographical Map (if you have one).
Shooting Sports – Archery, Rifle & Shotgun Read the Merit Badge Book. Rifle Shooting – print out & Bring the Hunting laws, Found on
# Sustainability Pre-req sheet to be emailed to the Scouts.
#Traffic Safety Read the Merit Badge book.

#5 – Any one choice in #5, MBC prefers 5b.

#Wilderness Survival #5, Rain gear, work gloves, sun screen, their own water bottle. Weekend campers only, as you will be sleeping under the stars!
Webelos – Build it/Fix it $5.00 fee for kit


Webelos – Earth Rocks Bring a pen & a small plastic container, one-gallon size.
Webelos – Into the Woods Bring a water bottle, sunscreen, sun hat – class will go on a hike.

PLEASE NOTE: Merit Badge classes with Pre-requisites – #, BE PREPARED to discuss your pre-reqs or bring proof of completion.

Failure to complete your pre-reqs could result in a partial.

Classes and/or class sizes are subject to change.  Scouts will be emailed about any changes pertaining to a class selection…

Check Tentaroo for the most up to date classes and any changes.

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