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Announcements 12/8/19

  1. Court of Honor this Tuesday Dec. 10, 7-8:30 pm.  Full Class A please!
  2. Wreaths Across America service project  Saturday 12/14/19  at 10 am at South Florida National Cemetery on Rte 441. Help put out wreaths by headstones & participate in ceremony honoring our veterans.  Troop flags will be flown while there.  Ceremony starts at noon.
  3. Next PLC 12/12/19 7-8 pm Thursday.
  4. Jazz Concert Fundraiser at Grace Presbyterian Sun 12/22 at 4 pm.  Tickets on sale for $15 each in advance.  Scouts selling tickets will earn $5 Scoutbucks per ticket sold.  Get hard copy tickets from Ms. Reese at Tuesday’s meeting.  Troop allowed to sell refreshments at concert as additional fundraiser.
  5. NO regular meetings 12/24/19 and 12/31/19.
  6. NYLT at Tanah Keeta 12/27/19 to 1/1/20. $240 per Scout.  Must be First Class and 14 years and older.
  7. River Raft Regatta planning Tues 1/7/20 at meeting.
  8. Scouting in the Wild at Lion Country Safari Saturday 1/18/20. $18 per person adults and scouts. Family welcome at great discounted rate. Registration starts 9:15 am. Classes start 10 am. Merit badges Geology and Reptiles & Amphibians. Volunteers needed to help with Cub scout classes. Free parking, 20% restaurant discount, unlimited drive-thru park, amusement park, NEW SAFARI FALLS WATER PARK so bring bathing suit.
  9. Troop Challenge Campout 1/24/20 and 1/25/20, Adult leaders needed! (Let us know if you can help out at the meeting).
  10. Olustee Campout 2/14/20-2/16/20 (Civil war reenactment).
  11. River Raft Regatta 4/3/20 thru 4/5/20 at Tanah Keeta.

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