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Olustee Sign Ups

Good morning-

If anyone else would like to attend the Civil War Reenactment at Olustee 2/14-16, the troop needs to advise everyone that another driver will be needed. We are currently maximum seatbelt capacity.

Please make sure your account is in good standing with the troop if you wish to attend. (That means a $0 balance. lol)

Here are the current sign ups for Olustee:


  1. Mr. Rossi
  2. Mr Audette
  3. Mr. S. Smith
  4. Mr. V. Weiss


  1. Dyllan R.
  2. Brennan S.
  3. Eric A.
  4. Alan C.
  5. Victor C.
  6. David C.
  7. Andrew B.
  8. Nick B.


Thank you,

Mrs. Unruh

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