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Announcements! Olustee Campout! Announcements!

Hello 215, sorry for not posting the announcements lately, but they will be posted again from now on this term.

The Beach Clean-Up will be held this Saturday February 1st starting at 8 am at Oceanfront Park in Boynton Beach (more info on separate post).  Help us recruit new Cub Scouts to our troop and help the environment (& earn service hours!)

Saturday February 8, there is going to be a shooting sports day at Tanah Keeta. The prices are below.  Remember to bring a signed blue card (as your blue card will be the only record of your completion), and your merit badge book. You MUST  bring your own lunch with you, due to lunch not being provided. The merit badges will also be completed in their entirety.  The $10 adult fee is for parents/leaders and does NOT include any shooting.

The Olustee civil war reenactment campout will be on February 14 to February 16 and is $42 per scout, and $48 per adult (for those who don’t what what Olustee is or haven’t been and want a more descriptive description, see description below).

Scout Sunday is tentatively being held at Grace Presbyterian Church on Sunday, February 23.  See Ms. Reese Leach if you’re interested in participating.  Great opportunity to work on your Communications & Duty to God skills/requirements.

The Econlochahatchee campout will be 3/14-3/15. This is only a 1 night campout. The price is estimated to be $50 per person but could be lower (please see description below).

River Raft Regatta is April 3-5, the price is $56 per person (if you have never been to River Raft or want more info, please see description below.)


Shooting Sports day at Tanah Keeta Sat Feb 8
– $25 for Archery
– $35 Rifle
– $40 Shotgun
– $10 Adults

Olustee 2/14-16 $42 per youth $48 Adult

– The Olustee campout is a civil war reenactment campout. The battle of Olustee was the only land civil war battle to take place in Florida. We will be camping at a BSA camp called RiverBase scout reserve. Then we will be driving over to the reenactment Sat morn. Everyone will purchase their own lunch there, so you need to bring money for lunch. Then drive back to camp.  We will also be purchasing our own lunches on the drive home on Sunday, so you’ll need $$ for that as well.

Econlockhatchee River  3/14-15 approximately $50, price may be lower. We will be driving up very early Saturday morning. We’re planning to canoe or kayak down the river (not sure which yet–checking availability), set up camp, make dinner, stay the night, then pack up in the morning, and leave.

River Raft Regatta 4/3-4/5 $56

River Raft Regatta is a campout held at Tanah Keeta scout reservation yearly. Each Scout team builds its own non-motorized rafts using styrofoam, wood, plastic, etc. They then race on the Loxahatchee River, choosing either a long or short course. This campout also includes a Scoutmaster/SPL event during which the acting SPL and the acting Scoutmaster try to keep their canoe/kayak from sinking.


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