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Announcements: Econloc Campout

Hello all, here are this week’s announcements

COH(Court of Honor): The COH is being held THIS tuesday, at normal meeting time. COH’s mean full CLASS A:  Shirt, pants/shorts, neckerchief, and sash. 

Scout Sunday is being RESCHEDULED for March 22, 2020 and we need EVERYONE available to attend.  See Ms. Reese Leach if you’re interested in participating.  Great opportunity to work on your Communications & Duty to God skills/requirements.

The Econlockhatchee campout will be 3/14-3/15. This is only a 1 night campout. Sign up is now closed.

River Raft Regatta is April 3-5, the price is $56 per person (if you have never been to River Raft or want more info, please see description below.)


Econlockhatchee River  3/14-15 is $50, and registration is closed. We will be driving up very early Saturday morning. We’re planning to canoe stop for lunch, continue canoeing, set up camp, make dinner & dessert, stay the night, then pack up in the morning, canoe back up the river, leave.

River Raft Regatta 4/3-4/5 $56

River Raft Regatta is a campout held at Tanah Keeta scout reservation yearly. Each Scout team builds its own non-motorized rafts using styrofoam, wood, plastic, etc. They then race on the Loxahatchee River, choosing either a long or short course. This campout also includes a Scoutmaster/SPL event during which the acting SPL and the acting Scoutmaster try to keep their canoe/kayak from sinking.


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