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Sea Base / High Adventure COVID-19 Update 5/1/20

Please see the attached file and discuss with your family after carefully reviewing. Mr. JF, Ms. Cheryl, Mr. Mike & Ms. Reese will confer and ultimately will communicate with each family and with the group as a whole.

Basically, our trip in July has NOT been cancelled or postponed (everything in the Keys before June 15 has been), but we do have an option to reschedule to (1) a later date summer 2020; (2) a later date fall or winter 2020; (3) a trip in 2021; or (4) another National High Adventure Base in 2020 or 2021.  If we do NOT reschedule and WE decide to completely cancel the trip, we’ll receive a refund minus 10%. 

If our trip does end up being cancelled by BSA due to COVID-19, we can reschedule and apply our fees to an alternate date later in 2020 or 2021.  If BSA cancels due to COVID-19 and we cannot find a time to reschedule, we will receive a full refund.

Mid next week, we’ll receive a questionnaire that we must return to Sea Base by May 15 indicating what we’re going to do.

All the same requirements for Med Forms (including Part C) & Swim tests, training, etc. are still in effect.  

Please take some time to digest this and discuss how you’d like to proceed before reaching out to us — sorry, we dont’ know any more than what is in the attached Sea Base update.


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