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Shands 2020 Update

Camp Shands will be running Week 3 as planned – June14th to the 22nd.



In response to COVID-19 several changes will be made for everyone’s safety.

C.O.P.E. – will not be run due to the sharing of helmets, gloves and climbing gear. Keeping everything properly sanitized is not logistically sound.

No Dining Hall: Meals will be brought to the campsite and eaten at the site’s pavilion or around the campfire. Staff will help with that service.

Tenting – They are working out how to place boys and Adults into tents while maintaining safe Social Distancing. The possibility of bringing one’s own tent likely an option.

Camp Physicals – Physicals will be mandatory and done in advance of the trip. COVID testing is NOT required though any physical these days would include looking for symptoms. Temperatures will be taken at Camp upon arrival and anyone with a fever over 99.6 degrees will not be admitted. AS A TROOP we would take temperatures at Grace before we leave, and we’d discuss if anyone were to fall ill prior to the 14th. Refunds can be made for those who cannot attend.

Camp Staff – will be similarly tested and required to pass physicals.

Attendees Over 60 – Due to a higher risk levels the are asking for Adults over 60 be in good health with letter from their doctors to attest.

Other changes: There will be fewer or no Large Assemblies, smaller class sizes but more of them.

More updates will be made and will be communicated to the Troop.

Prior to the Outbreak there were only 3 people signed up to go, myself included. Smaller parties can attend. Depending on what is decided about Seabase, Camp Shands may be an alternative. We wouldn’t be shoulder-to-shoulder on a boat however there would be other troops from across the region. Face masks and sanitizer, frequent hand washing would be expected.   

Scoutmaster Mike

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