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WANTED: New Can Recycling Person

I will be stepping down from the position of Chief Can Recycler. I am looking for someone to take over. I currently drop the cans off at Palm Beach Metal Recycling on Belvedere and usually make between $60-$80. You can use any recycler you feel comfortable with. If you would like to take on the recycling challenge, let me know.


2 comments to WANTED: New Can Recycling Person

  • Mrs. D. Dolan

    This is in response to the new recycling person posting….
    Where do the cans come from? Does everyone in the Troop bring cans to you and you are then required to turn them in for the cash to be deposited in the Troop account?

  • Mr. Fullilove

    * The cans come from neighbors, scouts, family, friends – everywhere.

    * People bring the cans to me because I keep them at my house. They were getting stolen at the church. If you come up with an alternate storage location besides your house would be great.

    * When I collect up enough cans (six large lawn garbage bags filled with crushed cans), then I take them to the recycler. They have to be crushed or else you don’t get enough cans to make the trip worth it.

    * When I get the money, I turn it in at the next meeting to the treasurer as a regular fundraising money.

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