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Announcements for Tuesday night August 11th

Announcements for Tuesday night August 11th

This past Saturday morning we biked at John Prince Park and accomplished a 10-mile ride toward the cycling merit badge.

Tonight we started a Scout Spirit competition.  I will post details on the Troop Website so everyone can see how to earn points.

Our next outing will be on Saturday, August 29th and Sunday, August 30th.  We will be meeting at Riverbend Park in Jupiter and canoeing to Tanah Keeta.  This is a one-night campout.  Scouts will need to be dropped off at Riverbend on Saturday and picked up at TK on Sunday.  Please sign up on the sign-up sheet if you want to go.

August 18th is the deadline for Scoutmaster conferences.  August 25th is the deadline for boards of reviews.  Our next court of honor is scheduled for September 8th.

We will be having leader position elections for the next term on September 1st.  Think about what position you would like to run for or if you would like to repeat your current position.

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