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Remember to get your Health Forms in!

Please see below, I’ve copied my post from earlier this summer. This explains the NEW official BSA Health Forms and where to get them.

Since this post, I’ve received some updated forms. So, I also updated the list below, with expiration dates for all Health Forms we currently have on file. Remember, everyone needs a current form on file when participating in Troop activities! Forms A, B1 and B2 are easily completed by you, and C is only needed when you attend any activities lasting longer than three nights (72 hours).

Important for Scouts and Adults going camping this weekend – if your name in the list below indicates your Health Forms are expired, please bring the updated forms tomorrow evening to the swim test at Winston Trails, or on Saturday morning at the latest.

Hello all,

Please see below for the list of all health forms we have on file for the Troop.  As you will see, most of them are now expired.  If you do not see your name here, and you have turned in health forms this year, please let me know.

Forms A and B, completed by the Scout and a parent or guardian, are required for all activities.  Form C is required for any events lasting over 72 hours, and it is completed by a medical professional like a sports physical.

Remember, the BSA has requested that all members now use the new updated forms A, B1, B2 and C; you can find those forms here:

Please contact me with any questions or to submit your new forms for the year.  Remember to include a copy of your medical insurance card, and to keep a copy of your health forms for yourself!  You can text, call or email me:  Cris Salas (Sebastian’s mom), 859-248-7707,


C Expires A/B Expires Youth Member
6/3/20 6/3/20 Eric Audette
4/25/20 5/7/20 Andrew Boden
4/25/20 5/7/20 Nicholas Boden
not on file 10/17/19 William Boyle, III
not on file 11/1/20 Adonis Carpio
not on file not on file Josiah Christians
not on file 3/3/21 Alan Corona
not on file 2/4/21 David Corona
not on file 3/3/21 Victor Corona
6/3/20 6/3/20 Richard Estime
6/12/19 6/12/19 Adrian Fairclough II
not on file 9/6/20 Clay Freeman
5/28/20 4/5/20 Benjamin Jacobson
6/4/20 4/5/20 Dylan Loconsole
5/29/20 5/29/20 Michael Maurer
5/24/19 5/29/19 James (JD) McCallum IV
not on file 9/29/18 James Nadler
2/5/21 form ‘A’ not on file Kekoa Perreira
3/6/21 3/6/21 Kyle Pientka
7/2/21 6/23/21 Justin Ramich
5/13/20 5/13/20 Nicholas Resch
6/4/20 5/3/20 Logan Rosario
3/28/20 3/28/20 Dylan Rose
6/2/20 4/1/20 Hunter Rossi
6/3/20 6/3/20 Sebastian Salas
not on file 9/5/20 Brennan Schwartz
not on file 10/4/20 Collin Unruh
not on file 8/23/20 John Robert Weaver
C Expires A/B Expires Adult Member
6/3/20 6/3/20 Jean-Francois Audette
not on file 6/23/21 Cheryl Baylor
not on file 10/10/19 Mark Boden
not on file 10/17/19 William Boyle
5/23/19 5/23/19 Katrina Carnes
8/9/18 7/15/19 Charles Crichton
5/15/19 7/8/19 Cole Freeman
not on file 8/22/20 Paul Freeman
not on file 2/16/19 Evan Kacprowicz
not on file 9/2/19 Pamela Kane-Nadler
not on file 5/15/19 Christopher Leach
6/12/19 5/15/19 James Leach, Jr.
not on file 5/10/19 Marisa Reese Leach
not on file 4/15/19 Matthew Loconsole
not on file 9/6/19 Craig Nadler
6/13/19 7/13/19 Eric Putnik
7/18/19 7/13/19 James Putnik
not on file 12/6/19 Stephen Ramich
not on file 4/3/20 Andrea Rossi
6/2/20 6/2/20 Michael Rossi
not on file 10/3/20 Steven Smith
not on file 4/17/19 Andrew Thomas
not on file 4/12/19 Geoffrey Thomas Sr
5/31/19 5/10/19 Geoffrey Thomas Jr
not on file 11/1/20 James Unruh
6/1/19 6/10/19 William Weaver
5/25/19 5/25/19 Shane Wooley
6/15/19 6/17/19 David Wysong

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