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AquaAcademy @ Camp Flaming Arrow will be held Oct. 5-7.  Registration closes on Sept. 4th. If you would like to go, be prepared to sign up on this Tues., 8/28. The MB offered are: Canoeing, Kayaking, Lifesaving, Swimming, Motorboating, Rowing, Small Boat Sailing, Snorkeling BSA, Water-Sports, First Aid, Emergency Preparednes, Oceanography. The cost is $25, $10 for a shirt and $3 for an extra patch. We will have to leave promptly at 4:00pm on Friday Oct. 5. Classes start at 7pm on Friday. If you are unable to sign up on Tues. and you want to go, call Mr. P. and let him know your selections. I plan on completing the registration on Sat. 9/1.

J. Putnik 561-309-5544

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  • Mr. J. Putnik

    Aquacademy MB Update:
    For Lifesaving & Swimming, Scout must bring long pants and long sleeve shirt.
    For Motorboating, Scout must be 13 years of age.
    For Snorkeling, Scout must bring own mask, fins and snorkel.
    For Water Sports, Scout must be proficient in water-skiing or wakeboarding. Class size can be expanded if ASM brings a boat.
    For First Aid, Emergency Preparedness & Oceanography, Scout must complete pre-requisites before Aquacademy.

  • Lisa Jennings

    For the merit badges requiring pre-requisites, how do we find out what they are?

  • Mr. J. Putnik

    The Leaders Guide for Gulf Ridge Council, Camp Flaming Arrow Aquacademy does not list the prerequisites. Try printing the merit badge worksheet from Usually, the prerequisites are something along the lines of keep track of… for 5 days or do this for 30 days…. Best practice is to get the book and complete the entire worksheet in order to be prepared for class.

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