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Annual Program Planning Categories

Hi everyone!  Time to get ready for annual planning for the troop!

Attached are all the different program units from the BSA’s program books for troops.  They have given us this resource to help you plan your activities for a year at a time.  There are three years of units/ program ideas to consider.  You don’t have to do all the activities in one unit.  You can pick and choose the ones that are interesting to you.  Each unit has several pages of explanation and general education about the topic, and then there are specific timed meeting plans for four separate meetings AND plans for a “Main Event,” which is usually an overnight / camping activity that focuses on the unit’s theme (ie, swimming, climbing, fishing, etc.).  These are NOT Merit Badges, but are skills/activities that can often help you earn a specific merit badge or part of a rank.

Please take a look at the various units and be prepared to share which activities interest you.  Your SPL/PLs will be asking you for your input soon, so be ready!

Program Planning forms–budget

Sustnblty–Swimming–Tech’y–Winter Camping

Nature-Envirmt–Proj Plng–Shotgun Shooting–Skatebdg

Emergy Prep–Ethics–Finl Mgt–Multimedia

Soccer–Special Nds Awrns–Wildrns Survivl–Wildlife Mgt

Mentoring–Music–Orienteering–Scuba Diving

Fishing–Fitness-Nutritn–Living Hx–Math


Safety–Science–Snowboardng–Spectator Sports

Outdoor Ethics–Paddle Sports–Pioneering–Rifle Shtg

First Aid–Games–Geocaching–Hiking


Service Project chapter

Envir. Stewardship Projects

Annual Program Planning chapter

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