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The Boy Scout Handbook and Scoutbook

The Boy Scout Handbook compared to Scoutbook, the internet advancement tracking tool

The Boy Scout Handbook:
As a Scout, your first and primary tool is your Boy Scout Handbook.  There is no substitute for The Boy Scout Handbook.  It is the reference and literal guide book for everything scouting.  You should always bring it with you to your meeting and outings.  You should make a habit of tracking all that you do in your handbook.  There is no replacement for the information you will find in your handbook and there is no alternative for having your advancements signed off, then in your handbook.  ALL of you camping, hiking, and service hours should be thoroughly tracked; by you – the Scout, in the charts at the back of The Boy Scout Handbook.  This information will be necessary if your goal is to become an Eagle Scout.

Scoutbook is an internet advancement tracking tool.  Our Troop is not new to Scoutbook; we’ve been using it for about a year now, but it’s new enough that many don’t use it much or haven’t used it at all.  First, you should know that is totally fine!  You don’t have to use it, or you can if you want.  Parents/guardians and adult leaders are invited to create an account on Scoutbook and only parents/guardians can give their scout permission to use it.  Scoutbook is a handy tool that lets you take a look at what has been recorded and reported on your behalf in your scouting career.  We are using Scoutbook to report our Troop’s advancements to our local council and it is automatically synced up to the national level.  If you are interested in using Scoutbook or want to use it more you should do your research.  Go online and view the many resources and tutorials available.  Below are some videos you may find useful or view others online…there are many many more!

Mrs. Pientka
Advancement Chair

Scoutbook Tutorial for Parents (SB)







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