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SAW Update

SAW (Scout Advancement Workday) is on Saturday, November 21st at TK. Registration is now open! Please note that availability constantly changes because as people add or drop classes, opportunities may open up. So if there is a badge you’re interested in taking, but it shows “FULL” – make sure to check back. They have also added a few new merit badges to the day’s activities – plumbing, archery, rifle shooting and shotgun shooting.

SAW is an excellent opportunity for Scouts to earn some fun and useful merit badges. You can register online at (see link to flyer below for full instructions). If you have trouble registering or would prefer that we do it for you, please let Scoutmaster Mike or Ms. Cheryl know.

Below is a list of current openings (again, this can change):

Time Block 1 (1st HALF OF DAY)
Chess 8
Engineering FULL
Art 7
Automotive Maintenance FULL
Backpacking 4
Electricity 3
Farm Mechanics 8
Fishing 3
Home Repairs FULL
Plumbing  7
Swimming (class 1) FULL
Swimming (class 2) 6

Time Block 2 (2nd HALF OF DAY)
Chess 12
Engineering 2
Art 6
Automotive Maintenance FULL
Backpacking 4
Electricity 3
Farm Mechanics 2
Fishing FULL
Home Repairs FULL
Plumbing  8
Swimming (class 1) 1
Swimming (class 2) 7

Time Blocks 1 & 2 (FULL DAY)
Archery (NEW) 8
Cooking FULL
E-Prep (course 1) 2
E-Prep (course 2) 7
First Aid FULL
Canoeing 8
Kayaking 8
Leatherwork 6
Personal Fitness 8
Pioneering 5
Rifle Shooting  8
Rowing 5
Shotgun Shooting  7
Space Exploration 8
Woodwork 9
Camping 4


Scoutmaster Mike

SAW 2020 flyer pdf

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