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5-mile Hike for Second Class Requirement


I will be doing the 5-mile hike for my Second Class requirements this Saturday morning and would like to invite any other Scouts to join me if they need to complete that requirement as well. My father will be providing us with a map with the route marked out and we will use our compasses along with the map to follow that route.

If you would like to join us to satisfy that requirement, please call us at 561-364-2592. To participate, one of your parents would need to stay with us for the hike.

Evan Kacprowicz

3 comments to 5-mile Hike for Second Class Requirement

  • Mr. D. Paul

    Thank you for the invitation. This is a necessary final step for Derek. The difficulty is 1) only a two day notice, 2)a holiday weekend. Can this be moved to the following weekend?

    Dennis Paul

  • Geoffrey T.

    We like the Saturday date!!! Where is it going to be?

  • Mr. T. Kacdrowicz

    We are tentatively planning to start around 9 or 10am and we are located just off Boynton Beach Blvd just West of the Turnpike. My plan is to start them in the middle of a neighborhood, give them a map with a route marked out and they would use their compasses to follow the route. Us parents would accompany them but let them lead the way. They would need to bring a compass and water and review the requirement in the handbook, especially the part about orienting the map.

    Give us a call in the evening if interested and we can finalize the details.

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