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Scouting for Food – Calling all Scouts/Adults

Next Saturday, November 7th at 9 am, we will be meeting at my house to pass out the plastic bags for

Scouting for FoodScouting For Food

The following Saturday, November 14th at 9am, we will be meeting again at my house to pick up the filled bags of donations.Free Picture Of Canned Goods, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...

Please respond to this post to RSVP if you will be coming and which day or both.  Scout/Adult names needed as guard gate will only allow you in if your name is on the list.  Because my community has a lot of homes, we need help from scouts and adult drivers.

Wear Class A, comfortable shoes and a facemask is required.  Bring water bottle, sunscreen and a hat.

Pine Tree Community (1 light north of Woolbright on Military)

4338 Gleneagles Drive, Boynton Beach

Any questions, please call Drew at 561-441-5861,         

If we haven’t seen you in a while, please join us as we will be outside and distant.  

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