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If you missed the camp card presentation last Tuesday, information will again be presented tomorrow, Tuesday 2/9. Here is a brief overview:

Camp Cards are a great way to earn money for your individual scouts. They are a coupon card good for local businesses (through 12/31/21) and they only cost $5. The great news is that each $5 card a scout sells, they earn 50% or $2.50! So if you want to attend summer camp, other outings, or even pay down a balance, this is an excellent chance for scouts to help pay their way. 

There are weekly challenges and scouts can earn great prizes and even Amazon gift cards. Who doesn’t love an Amazon gift card?! The sale runs from February 1 through April 30.

A couple important reminders – SAFETY FIRST. Never sell alone and remember COVID precautions. if you take out cards, please take care of them. You are responsible for any lost or damaged cards. Turn in money weekly or as often as possible. Before you can get more cards, you will need to pay for any cards you have already received. 

Click the link below for a PDF of the camp card information. If you have trouble with the link, please let me know. Also please contact me if you want camp cards, have questions, or would like more info about this fundraiser. My info is (561) 251-1639 (text or call) or email I want to make sure you’re successful!!!


Yours in scouting,
Andrea Rossi
T215 Camp Card Chair 


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