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Notes from most recent PLC



Mr. Weaver
Mr. Audette
Mr. Rossi
Mrs. Cheryl


Jonathon Dickenson campout is now a day event only on the 27th. No campouts were available.

No meeting tuesday. Next meeting on the 23rd. Mr. Pientka will prepare half hour presentation on bike safety.

Scouts should brring cycling packets on the 23rd.

Camping is now in April and Camp Sawyer has been switched to April 16-18.

Climbing is now in May and TK camp is on May 7-9 now.

March 21st Beach Cleanup at the Boynton Beach inlet.

March 30th we will be starting out Camping

Complete some partials for camping in April.

April 6th Commitee meeting.

Gameday/Scout Skills meeting on April 20th

April 27th start on climbing theme.

Justin will contact Counsil Office for a certified instructor of climbing. Robert Aldritch should be in charge, but start with asking the council.

Find most convenient day for PLC at the next meeting.

Richard will research alternate campsites for the climbing campout.

Cleanup at Camp Sawyer as a service project???

OA summer gathering first April 30th-May 1st.

April 27th/May 4th will need a climbing instructor. If we don’t get one we’ll have a scout or two make a presentation.

Memorial Day service project? Put flags/flowers on veterans graves maybe. May 29th or so would work

Service Project around Lake Osborne.

Ben will research some highways to clean up around roadside graves on May 11th.

May 18th is the last chance for Scoutmaster conference

May 25th is the last chance for Board of Review

June 22-28 is Seabase

June’s theme is paddling/watersports.

Econ Lox is June 11-13.

Justin will contact Mr. Thomas and get him in for teaching watersports and for the Econ Lox campout

June 8th is the court of honor.

15th of June is in last week of school, perhaps have a fun gameday or fun event then.

June 29th have another chill week and do some advancements.

John will contact Cole/Jay for teaching some stuff in July’s Cybersecurity/Robotics.

July 6th do cyber chip.

July 18th-24th TK Summercamp.

Cancel/Online meetings during Summercamp/Seabase.

August is nutrition and fitness. Work on partials for swimming/Personal Fitness/cooking?

Visit Navy Seals Building in August?


These are the notes that the scribe took at the PLC.

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